Security Systems

Security Services

Strengthen the defenses of your real estate.

Where the use of personnel is not sufficient or too complex, the right technique is required. We analyze the weak points of your objects and improve the protection mechanisms in such a way that a safe, yet cost-efficient protection is created. This is done for example by:

Burglar, fire and break in alarm systems

Video surveillance systems

Time recording and access systems

In addition to the planning and installation of your safety technology, we also take over the supervision and maintenance of all of these systems. In addition, we provide you with the evaluation of the video data and a 24-hour emergency call service.

Scansystems – We look through everything.

Sometimes the human eye is not sufficient – e.g. To see the contents of bags and coats. We offer you state-of-the-art metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems as well as corresponding specialists on a leasing basis. People and luggage are reliably searched for weapons and other dangerous items, the security standard of your location can be compared to a modern airport.

Alarm service – emergency call even without a call.

The threats to your property never sleep. That is why our emergency and monitoring center is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can rely on the connection between your safety technology and the control center because it is designed separately. Different, independent channels guarantee that your emergency call reaches us – even if an individual chanel should fail. The alarm and status messages of your object are entered by us via the telephone line,a mobile phone,an image transmission or a mobile radio. In the event of a situation, the agreed catalog of measures are followed. The designated persons are informed by telephone, a security force is delegated for an on-the-spot inspection, emergency personnel and technical service partners are alerted.

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