Personal Protection


As reliable and invisible as your guardian Angel.

Those who are in the public eye often live in a golden cage, which only allows a few steps of freedom.

It does not have to be this way. Our comprehensive advice opens up new areas of movement, through hazard analyzes, preliminary reconnaissance and movement patterns, we can give our customers their freedom without compromising their safety. Of course, our personal protectors will also take care of you, depending on the situation.

VIP serviceFor customers who are kings.

When important personalities travel, there is more to clarify than the question of what goes into the luggage. We help you and your customers to implement all the travel planning – safely and without any problems.

Based on your ideas, comprehensive location analysis and our many years of experience, we develop a safety system that combines full protection and maximum freedom of movement. During the stay, we ensure the well-being of all travelers – through our protection, but also through our service. One example of this is the customs and visa formalities, which we can organize and deal with for you.

Rhein Security Germany GmbH

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