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Event Security, Event Service

Your ticket to the hearts of the fans.

Whether a rock festival, a cultural event or a sports highlight – your visitors come to experience something special and not the organization behind it.

We are proud that hardly a single visitor can remember our teams. The responsibility consciousness and the experience of our specially trained staff help us to stay pleasantly in the background – and when it is necessary to discreetly engage or show our presence.

After all, the show takes place on the stage or on the field …

Event serviceStrong forces for your event

Security is not the only thing that is invisible but crucial to the success of your event. Thousands of helping hands make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Builders, roadies, hostess services, point of contact and directional assistants – each one contributes to an Events success.

We can assist and implement the complete organization and personnel planning for your event.

Rhein Security Germany GmbH

Geschäftsführer: Christian Katzemich

Rhein Security Germany GmbH
Mittelstraße 12-14
50672 Köln

Fon: +49(0)221 99 57 97 28
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Mail : info@rheinsecurity.com

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HR B 81593

Steuernummer: 215/5907/1985
USt-ID: DE298464412

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