Reception services


The doorway from the outside world to your business.

No company can be completely excluded from the outside world. In return there are defined access points for employees, suppliers and customers.

It is precisely these openings in the safety system that deserve your attention – and a first-class occupancy. Our security forces keep in the daily traffic overview and at night keep both eyes open so you can relax in the knowledge that you have a safe environment.

ReceptionTo make the first impression at the reception.

The first impression is decisive – both for companies and for people. The reception and the telephone exchange are therefore the most important position in your company.

We can offer you the right set-up for these workplaces: Trained specialists, whose language and computer skills are one hundred percent of your wishes and can receive and coordinate your visitors and suppliers, and all this with a smile – the most beautiful greeting that exists.

DoormenMake security tangible.

Our security personnel as Doormen, whether in a suit or in a security uniform. Their presence help spread a secure and trusted feeling. They also protect their customers – e.g. from theft.  At the same time, they are available as contact persons for all customer questions at any time.

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