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Rhein Security Germany GmbH: Securely Built

The security situation in Germany has changed considerably in the first decades after the turn of the millennium. Security has become a popular asset due to new economic conditions and social change.

The company Rhein Security Germany GmbH offers products for all saftey and security areas, both in private and business life. Our philosophy is very simple: We have set ourselves the goal of setting the benchmark in the security business in terms of professionalism, quality and service.

In 2001, Rhein Security Germany GmbH emerged from the merger of two regional security companies based in Cologne and the Ruhr area. The founder is Werner Hippler. Born in 1970, Werner Hippler is one of the most famous figures in German football. He began his career in Cologne with the Red Barons and emigrated to the USA in 1992, where he played for the Sacramento Hornets University team. As the first German player, he made the leap into the North American Pro Football Leauge – the NFL; After which he was the first European to be admitted to the Las Vegas Outlaws of the XFL. After his return to Germany, Werner Hippler played for the Cologne Centurions and Frankfurt Galaxy. He has twice been named the best European in the NFL Europe and is still the player with the most number of games in the NFL Europe. In 2007 he finished his football career. He appeared in well-known European film productions (“Straight Shooter”, “The Clown”) and finally founded the Rhein Security Germany GmbH. Werner Hippler is married and has three children.

Today the network and working area of Rhein Security Germany GmbH covers the whole of Germany and a large part of Europe. Special features of the Rhein Security Germany GmbH are the customized security concepts and the close cooperation with the police and municipal authorities added to a flexible personnel structure. Due to a well-functioning network, Rhein Security Germany GmbH can assemble very large teams within a very short time (eg for large events).

Rhein Security Germany GmbH

Geschäftsführer: Christian Katzemich

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